What Font IS That? Find Out With WhatTheFont.com

Have you ever been given a graphic with an outlined or rasterized font, or perhaps a hard copy of a document, and been asked to match the font?

WhatTheFont.com is a great free service that lets you upload a JPG sample of a font image. It then analyzes the shapes of the characters in your sample, giving you a chance to confirm character matches, and then matches your sample against the thousands of known fonts in its database and makes recommendations on the most likely matches.

Be sure to follow the site’s recommendations for best results (click the image tips tab on the site). I typically prepare my sample in Photoshop and convert it, if necessary, to black type on a white background. I try to get the type as clear as possible and about 100 pixels tall or so.

I’ve been using this handy utility for years and frequently tell my students about it. I used it yet again recently and it occurred to me I should write it up. So if  you haven’t tried it before, the next time you have to figure out what font you’ve been given, give it a go. It’s helped me many times.

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