Update to the CS5.5 Book Page Numbering Bug (Still no fix, but additional workarounds posted)

This post is a follow-up to my original article concerning the infamous Book Page Numbering Bug. It was recently brought to my attention that, while I had attempted to keep my post from 6 months ago up to date with updates and responses to many comments, it was becoming rather dated. So today I once again revisited and reworked it. For any of you unaware of this issue, InDesign CS5.5 has a problem with the book panel exporting PDFs. Sometimes, especially with files that have been upgraded from previous versions of InDesign, one or more chapters within the book will have incorrect page numbers in the exported PDF. Adobe has confirmed this as a bug but has not yet released a fix. In the meantime, people have developed a number of workarounds.

My own workaround that I came up with in June was to use IDML to fix the problem files. This has continued to work for me in the two cases I’ve had this problem in my own files, as well as in quite a few other cases that other users have reported to me. This workaround continues to be my preferred solution for the problem, until Adobe releases a true fix. However, I have received and confirmed 2 reports from users in which steps from my workaround were followed exactly and the problem was not solved, so I know that it is NOT a universal workaround.

Because of this, I have updated the original post to include the other workarounds, which previously were found only in the troubleshooting and comments sections of the post, right in the solution section. This way all the workarounds are easier for readers to locate.

Please refer to the original article for more information.

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