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Finding & Fixing Disproportionately Scaled Images in InDesign

Disproportionate scaling (stretching an image out of proportion, so that its vertical and horizontal scales do not match) will result in distorted, “stretched” images. If the distortion is slight it may be acceptable, and in rare cases it may even be desirable, but most often images are stretched out of proportion unintentionally. Disproportionate scaling of images […]

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Scaling QR Codes (and other Pixel Art) in Photoshop

If you’ve seen the preview videos, then you’ll now that in InDesign CC (otherwise known as CS7) we will be able to generate our own QR Codes right in InDesign. And of course there are many QR code generators available on the Internet. But this article will still be relevant for some workflows, so I’ve […]

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Optimal Online PDF Export Preset

Quick version: Start with “Smallest File Size,” turn on “Tagged PDF,” “Hyperlinks,” “Bookmarks,” “View after export,” adjust compression settings to optimal (aim for “High” quality), save preset. Settings File Location: PDF export presets have the .joboptions extensions and are saved in the following locations: Win: Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Adobe PDF/Settings Mac: User/[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PDF/Settings note: the AppData and Library folders […]

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How to Place More Than the First Page of a PDF in InDesign

New users of InDesign often ask me this question. By default, when you place a multi-page PDF in InDesign, only the first page will be placed. So how can you place any other page? The key is the “Show Import Options” checkbox in the place dialog screen. Go File => Place (or use your keyboard […]

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InDesign’s Dysfunctional Defaults

Edit 2/17/2018: This article was written 7 years ago, and it has been 5 years since I last updated it. While it still has some useful information, I’ve written an update for CC 2018 that includes many new settings not covered here. The new list is also less verbose, making it easier to just fix the […]

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InDesign Basic Template Example: 1.5″ Square Adhesive Labels

I recently redesigned a template for 1.5″ adhesive labels. This is a rather common task, but it occurred to me it would be a good teaching opportunity. I’ve included my sample templates for download. Feel free to try them out. Step 1: evaluating the original template I started by downloading the InDesign template from the […]

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Photoshop Save for Web: JPG, GIF, or PNG?

Toward the end of my Photoshop classes we cover saving images for web, and I tell a not-so-amusing anecdote of how someone lost a design gig because they did not know the proper uses of JPGs vs. GIFs and PNGs. In that particular case, the client needed a very small file size web graphic that […]

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Fixing Dull Skies in Photoshop with Gradient & Color Overlays

This post began as a response to a post in the Linked In Adobe Software Users Group. Rich Harrington had posted a tutorial on fixing blown-out skies, in which he selected the sky using select by color range and then replaced the original sky with another image of sky. But what if you want to keep […]

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Of Endnotes and Footnotes

Bring up endnotes in a conversation with any long-time InDesigner, and they’re sure to cringe. Why? Because InDesign doesn’t support them. Still. After 12 years, the leading desktop publishing application in the world is still incapable of handling one of the most basic word processing functions. The developers have been too busy implementing interactive features, […]

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Optimal Method for Placing MS Word Text Into InDesign

In my work I often combine MS Word files from dozens of different authors into a single book, and all of these Word files use vastly different styles. While it is possible to import styles from Word to InDesign, I’ve found that in an environment with potentially hundreds of authors there is no hope to […]

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