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Inflationary English: A GREP Tribute to Victor Borge

The musician/comedian Victor Borge invented the concept (as far as I know) of “inflationary English.” The premise is that because prices are always going up, our language should also keep pace. Thus, each spoken number (including homonyms)  should increase by one. So, for example, one would say, “I’m going three the store befive it closes.” As […]

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Five Great New-ish (but little-known) InDesign Panels

In the recent November Portland InDesign User Group Meeting I presented five panels that are relatively new and, in my experience as a teacher, not often used. Most of these have been around since CS5. 1. Tool Hints (Window: Utilities) Gives helpful information for each tool button in your tool panel as you select it. […]

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Creative Commons Search: find free images and other resources

I often tell students in my classes about this useful tool for finding images and other resources to use in projects. Basically, this is a good way to search for content and be relatively sure that it is free of copyright restrictions, and therefore safe to use. The search tool is available at http://search.creativecommons.org/. It allows […]

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Zipping EPUB Contents on Windows & Macs

My main point in posting today is to correct an inaccurate statement I had made several months ago concerning how one would compress an EPUB using Windows. Since I work primarily on a Mac, I had made the statement based on what I had read on other sites, but recent testing has proved those sites to […]

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Case Study: a Data-to InDesign Workflow in which Smart Catalog Lite Excels

Update 10/4/11: I’ve been in communication with Mark Haden and Ian White of 65Bit, and they’ve informed me that while the Lite version of EasyCatalog, which costs $300, does not support the Pagination Module, it does include simplified pagination options. To quote from Ian’s message to me: Instead of the spreadsheet-style view of the data […]

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Database to InDesign

Update 9/14/2011: This will be the first installment in a series of articles covering my ongoing research on database-to-InDesign solutions. David Blatner (www.dtptools.com, www.63p.com) has pointed out that I left out one notable plugin, DataLinker from Teacup Software, so in the near future I’ll study and test the plugin and then write a second review including all […]

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From InDesign to EPUBs to Mobi (Kindle)—and why Mobis are BLOATED

I recently worked on a rather large EPUB project. After downsizing the EPUB’s images with the PNGenie utility  I was able to get the EPUB’s size reduced from 18MB down to 10.5 MB.  However, what disturbed me most was that when I converted the EPUB to a Mobi file the size was still 40MB! But […]

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PNGenie: Lossless PNG File Size Reduction for Mac OS

Today I was working with a rather large EPUB exported from InDesign CS5.5. The final compressed size of the EPUB was 18MB; most of this size was comprised of 206 PNG images. In attempt to reduce file size, I ran the images through a couple batches in Photoshop with little result. I then searched the […]

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