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Alternating Table Row Fills—Clearing Table & Cell Style Overrides

I love table and cell styles, but I’ve run into some strange issues with them over the years. After encountering it again today I decided to figure out exactly what is going on, because I couldn’t find any other write-ups on the issue on the net. Hopefully others find it helpful. Problem: You have a table […]

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InDesign Basic Template Example: 1.5″ Square Adhesive Labels

I recently redesigned a template for 1.5″ adhesive labels. This is a rather common task, but it occurred to me it would be a good teaching opportunity. I’ve included my sample templates for download. Feel free to try them out. Step 1: evaluating the original template I started by downloading the InDesign template from the […]

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Resolving InDesign’s Justification Problems

I was inspired to write this article after seeing yet another (otherwise very professional looking) brochure that must have been printed using InDesign’s default justification settings. Although I mention this issue in my article on Indesign’s problematic defaults, it’s a serious enough issue that I’ve decided to write specifically on the topic. Here is a […]

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Of Endnotes and Footnotes

Bring up endnotes in a conversation with any long-time InDesigner, and they’re sure to cringe. Why? Because InDesign doesn’t support them. Still. After 12 years, the leading desktop publishing application in the world is still incapable of handling one of the most basic word processing functions. The developers have been too busy implementing interactive features, […]

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Optimal Method for Placing MS Word Text Into InDesign

In my work I often combine MS Word files from dozens of different authors into a single book, and all of these Word files use vastly different styles. While it is possible to import styles from Word to InDesign, I’ve found that in an environment with potentially hundreds of authors there is no hope to […]

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Taking the CS5.5 EPUB Plunge (Export Tagging to the Rescue!)

Adobe has been telling us, “Come take a swim in CS5.5, the water’s nice and warm!” I’d previously stuck in my toes and done extensive research from the side of the pool, but you’re never sure until you just dive in. So this past week I’ve produced my first five EPUBs in InDesign CS5.5, and […]

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InDesign Styles 101

InDesign’s styles are global formatting presets. InDesign offers powerful styles for text, tables, objects, and several other design elements in your document, but we fill focus only on text styles for the time being. A paragraph style can save and apply complex text formatting to an entire paragraph with just a few clicks. Character styles […]

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The “FIXIT” Swatch

When designing books I often come across items that need to be addressed by the author or that I will need to come back to and fix later. I mark these with a special color swatch, usually bright red, that I’ve named “FIXIT.” I’ve also made a character style with the same name that will […]

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Best for Books in InDesign

Information in this post is relevant to CS 5; some of the issues mentioned in this post have been fixed in CS 5.5 and are listed in a PDF available here. In recent years the increasing popularity of eBook devices has caused quite a stir in the publishing industry. While the PDF format perfectly preserves the […]

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