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InDesign CS5 PDF Export Woes: PDF(Interactive) vs Facing Pages

**EDIT: CS6 To the rescue! The CS6 Interactive PDF Export offers a Pages or Spreads selection option. Hallelujah!** I have a 500 page InDesign file that I made in CS4 that is intended to be both printed and used in Acrobat with interactive features, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, and buttons. In CS4 I was able to […]

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Removing Signatures from PDFs in Acrobat Pro 9

***EDIT 1/2/2013*** This article describes the process of exporting your PDF as a PostScript file and redistilling it to remove digital signatures. What I failed to make explicit in the original article is that this procedure WILL REMOVE ALL INTERACTIVE FEATURES, including form fields, buttons, hyperlinks, etc., as they are not supported in PostScript. In […]

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The “FIXIT” Swatch

When designing books I often come across items that need to be addressed by the author or that I will need to come back to and fix later. I mark these with a special color swatch, usually bright red, that I’ve named “FIXIT.” I’ve also made a character style with the same name that will […]

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