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Font Troubleshooting Tips

Problem: I was doing some testing recently was surprised to see that arbitrary fractions were not working in the Myriad Pro font. Solution: My system had been “infected” by an older 1.006 version of the font that does not support arbitrary fractions. InDesign’s Find Font utility showed that it was in my User: Library: Fonts folder. […]

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Packaging InDesign Files (detailed instructions)

Many new InDesign users have discovered “the hard way” that simply e-mailing their InDesign file to someone will not allow that person to properly use their file. Their InDesign file depends on fonts and linked graphics that must be sent along with it in order for it to work properly.Fortunately, InDesign has a built-in Package […]

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Update to the CS5.5 Book Page Numbering Bug (Still no fix, but additional workarounds posted)

This post is a follow-up to my original article concerning the infamous Book Page Numbering Bug. It was recently brought to my attention that, while I had attempted to keep my post from 6 months ago up to date with updates and responses to many comments, it was becoming rather dated. So today I once again […]

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Acrobat 10.1.1 Bug? “The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document…” UNSOLVED

Edit 11/25/2011: After hours of troubleshooting and starting completely over from scratch with fresh PDFs from InDesign, the problem happened again, implying this is most likely a bug with Acrobat Pro 10.1.1. I was able to get one of my two files finished without any problems, but the second one gave the error when I […]

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InDesign CS5.5 Crash during EPUB export caused by endnote reference character in imported text

Problem: Book or file crashes when exporting to EPUB. Cause: In this one very limited, strange case, the cause was endnote markers. I suspect corrupted character encoding in the source MS Word file, but this is unverified. Solution: Manually delete and retype all endnote references in affected files. I stumbled upon an extremely strange and […]

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Inadvertent Changes to Defaults, and How to Correct Them

I recently participated in an online discussion started by an individual having difficulty when placing text. The text would be automatically be formatted by a certain paragraph and/or character style. The styles would stay the same for each document placed for a while, and then change for some reason. She hadn’t been able to discern […]

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InDesign CS5.5 Book PDF Export Problem: Incorrect Page Numbers (CONFIRMED BUG)

**UPDATE: This bug was fixed in ID CS5.5, ver. 7.5.3. You can fix it by updating CS5.5 with the latest updates, or by upgrading to CS6.** Edit 11/12/11: Recently it came to my attention that the way I had reorganized the post wasn’t helpful to some readers so I’m rearranging it again. I first discovered […]

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Using IDX / IDML for Troubleshooting Corrupt Documents

Yesterday’s post addressed backward compatibility in InDesign with the IDX/IDML file formats. This followup post addresses how these file formats are used in troubleshooting corrupt documents. Documents sometimes get corrupted. While InDesign is much more stable than PageMaker ever was, document corruption still happens from time to time. Corrupted documents may fail to open, or […]

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Backward Compatibility in InDesign

I’ve recently participated in a number of online discussions concerning backward compatibility in InDesign. It seems to be a popular topic! In response to demand for clarification on the subject I’ve written this article. Opening Documents from Previous Versions in the Current Version InDesign has always been able to open documents created in any previous […]

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Getting the Most from InDesign’s Realtime Preflight

I often get calls and emails from people wondering, “Why is InDesign telling me I have errors?” When asked for more information, they explain that they see a “red light” at the bottom of their document window, followed by how many of these errors they have. They’re a bit mystified as to what it means […]

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