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Resolving InDesign’s Justification Problems

I was inspired to write this article after seeing yet another (otherwise very professional looking) brochure that must have been printed using InDesign’s default justification settings. Although I mention this issue in my article on Indesign’s problematic defaults, it’s a serious enough issue that I’ve decided to write specifically on the topic. Here is a […]

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Inadvertent Changes to Defaults, and How to Correct Them

I recently participated in an online discussion started by an individual having difficulty when placing text. The text would be automatically be formatted by a certain paragraph and/or character style. The styles would stay the same for each document placed for a while, and then change for some reason. She hadn’t been able to discern […]

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Getting the Most from InDesign’s Realtime Preflight

I often get calls and emails from people wondering, “Why is InDesign telling me I have errors?” When asked for more information, they explain that they see a “red light” at the bottom of their document window, followed by how many of these errors they have. They’re a bit mystified as to what it means […]

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