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*Undocumented* Photoshop Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts & Tools

Photoshop has some very handy keyboard shortcuts & mouse tricks that, while technically *not* undocumented, they’re not as obvious as most. You can certainly find them listed in many write-ups and lists in books and all over the Net. By “undocumented,” I’m referring to how these particular keyboard shortcuts don’t identify themselves within the Photoshop […]

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Numeric Keypad for New MacBooks

As promised at the last IDUG, I’m writing a post about the nifty utility to turn on the numeric keypad on new MacBooks so that we can use keyboard shortcuts for styles in InDesign! When I got my new MacBook Pro last year I was really worried about its lack of a numeric keypad. My […]

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Where is the “Save All” option in InDesign?

I’ve often wondered why there is no “Save All” option in the file menu in InDesign. Many InDesigners often have multiple documents open simultaneously. Today as I was indexing a book with 15 chapters I finally decided to do a quick search and found that while InDesign lacks the menu item, it has the keyboard […]

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Stop Those Stray w’s! Use a Custom Keyboard Shortcut

I frequently switch between InDesign’s Preview and Normal display modes. In Normal modeĀ I prefer to have my hidden characters, frame edges, text threads, guides, and even sometimes baseline grids all visible. They all go away simply by switching to Preview mode, so I don’t have to turn them off individually. The bottommost button of the […]

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