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InDesign Defaults & Preferences (CC 2018 Update)

Quick List of Recommended Changes to Factory Settings I recommend making the following changes after installing InDesign, before using it. Making these changes with no documents open will make them the new default settings. Preferences (Mac: InDesign menu: Preferences; Windows: Edit menu: Preferences) General: disable “Show ‘Start’ Workspace When No Documents Are Open.” This Start […]

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GREP Resources

The May meeting of the Portland InDesign User Group focused on Paragraph & Character Styles, with a considerable portion of the time devoted to Nested Styles and GREP. The purpose of this article is to summarize the information I presented in the meeting. Key Concepts Apply Paragraph Styles to everything. Apply Character Styles only to […]

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Inflationary English: A GREP Tribute to Victor Borge

The musician/comedian Victor Borge invented the concept (as far as I know) of “inflationary English.” The premise is that because prices are always going up, our language should also keep pace. Thus, each spoken number (including homonyms)  should increase by one. So, for example, one would say, “I’m going three the store befive it closes.” As […]

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Five Great New-ish (but little-known) InDesign Panels

In the recent November Portland InDesign User Group Meeting I presented five panels that are relatively new and, in my experience as a teacher, not often used. Most of these have been around since CS5. 1. Tool Hints (Window: Utilities) Gives helpful information for each tool button in your tool panel as you select it. […]

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Finding & Fixing Disproportionately Scaled Images in InDesign

Disproportionate scaling (stretching an image out of proportion, so that its vertical and horizontal scales do not match) will result in distorted, “stretched” images. If the distortion is slight it may be acceptable, and in rare cases it may even be desirable, but most often images are stretched out of proportion unintentionally. Disproportionate scaling of images […]

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Alternating Table Row Fills—Clearing Table & Cell Style Overrides

I love table and cell styles, but I’ve run into some strange issues with them over the years. After encountering it again today I decided to figure out exactly what is going on, because I couldn’t find any other write-ups on the issue on the net. Hopefully others find it helpful. Problem: You have a table […]

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Optimal Online PDF Export Preset

Quick version: Start with “Smallest File Size,” turn on “Tagged PDF,” “Hyperlinks,” “Bookmarks,” “View after export,” adjust compression settings to optimal (aim for “High” quality), save preset. Settings File Location: PDF export presets have the .joboptions extensions and are saved in the following locations: Win: Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Adobe PDF/Settings Mac: User/[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PDF/Settings note: the AppData and Library folders […]

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Packaging InDesign Files (detailed instructions)

Many new InDesign users have discovered “the hard way” that simply e-mailing their InDesign file to someone will not allow that person to properly use their file. Their InDesign file depends on fonts and linked graphics that must be sent along with it in order for it to work properly.Fortunately, InDesign has a built-in Package […]

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How to Place More Than the First Page of a PDF in InDesign

New users of InDesign often ask me this question. By default, when you place a multi-page PDF in InDesign, only the first page will be placed. So how can you place any other page? The key is the “Show Import Options” checkbox in the place dialog screen. Go File => Place (or use your keyboard […]

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InDesign’s Dysfunctional Defaults

Edit 2/17/2018: This article was written 7 years ago, and it has been 5 years since I last updated it. While it still has some useful information, I’ve written an update for CC 2018 that includes many new settings not covered here. The new list is also less verbose, making it easier to just fix the […]

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