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Photoshop Save for Web: JPG, GIF, or PNG?

Toward the end of my Photoshop classes we cover saving images for web, and I tell a not-so-amusing anecdote of how someone lost a design gig because they did not know the proper uses of JPGs vs. GIFs and PNGs. In that particular case, the client needed a very small file size web graphic that […]

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InDesign Styles 101

InDesign’s styles are global formatting presets. InDesign offers powerful styles for text, tables, objects, and several other design elements in your document, but we fill focus only on text styles for the time being. A paragraph style can save and apply complex text formatting to an entire paragraph with just a few clicks. Character styles […]

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Raster Image Size: Of Megapixels, Resolution, & Inches

Another 8-week session of my Photoshop Tools class at PNCA started last week. As I taught the first session it occurred to me that many of my past and present students could benefit from an article on image size and resolution. The concepts of image size and resolution are often misunderstood. In order to even […]

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What’s an EPUB?

The simple definition would be, “the EPUB format is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)” (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPUB). EPUBs will reflow to fit any screen size; pagination and typography are controlled to a large extent by the viewing device. An EPUB file is a ZIP file with its extension changed […]

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