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GREP Resources

The May meeting of the Portland InDesign User Group focused on Paragraph & Character Styles, with a considerable portion of the time devoted to Nested Styles and GREP. The purpose of this article is to summarize the information I presented in the meeting. Key Concepts Apply Paragraph Styles to everything. Apply Character Styles only to […]

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Case Study: a Data-to InDesign Workflow in which Smart Catalog Lite Excels

Update 10/4/11: I’ve been in communication with Mark Haden and Ian White of 65Bit, and they’ve informed me that while the Lite version of EasyCatalog, which costs $300, does not support the Pagination Module, it does include simplified pagination options. To quote from Ian’s message to me: Instead of the spreadsheet-style view of the data […]

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Database to InDesign

Update 9/14/2011: This will be the first installment in a series of articles covering my ongoing research on database-to-InDesign solutions. David Blatner (www.dtptools.com, www.63p.com) has pointed out that I left out one notable plugin, DataLinker from Teacup Software, so in the near future I’ll study and test the plugin and then write a second review including all […]

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Using Saved Queries in InDesign’s Find/Change

This topic came up recently in regard to my preferred workflow for importing text from MS Word. Since it’s useful in other applications and important in its own right I’ve decided it needs its own article. InDesign’s Find/Change function is quite powerful. Not only can it find and change strings of text, but also text […]

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Splitting Text Threads: Separating Stories (with and without script)

Question: Can InDesign split a story threaded through text frames in two while leaving the text in the current frames? Short Answer: There is a script that can do this, and there is a simple process to do it manually as well. Introduction In most ways, InDesign excels at managing text flow. it is easy […]

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Taking the CS5.5 EPUB Plunge (Export Tagging to the Rescue!)

Adobe has been telling us, “Come take a swim in CS5.5, the water’s nice and warm!” I’d previously stuck in my toes and done extensive research from the side of the pool, but you’re never sure until you just dive in. So this past week I’ve produced my first five EPUBs in InDesign CS5.5, and […]

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Page Numbering Tricks

InDesign’s automatic page numbers work well enough, but what about special cases? Some documents require pages to be omitted from total page counts. Other documents use several different systems. Sometimes section numbers or special codes must be included. Well, don’t start typing in those numbers manually, because InDesign can handle it—and quite gracefully, too. Every Page […]

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