Much of my work over the years has been as a consultant on projects belonging to others. In addition, much of my expertise is not immediately visible, as it entails productivity enhancements in the templates and files themselves, while the general appearance may remain generally unchanged. It is not uncommon for me to spend several hours revising a template for a client only to return a file to them that looks pretty much the same—but because of the implementation of styles and other automation it works so much better.

The purpose of this portfolio is to not only highlight examples of my design work, but also to demonstrate my expertise in frequently requested training/consulting topics. To this end, I’ve arranged the portfolio into categories based on project type.

Designing Simultaneously for Print & eBook Publishing

With the increasing popularity of eBook reader devices, publishers must now grapple with not only getting books to look good in print, but also work well as an eBook. While PDFs preserve the page layout exactly as it appears in print, they are not suitable for eBook readers with small screens. InDesign can export to the popular EPUB format, but getting the result to look and function well requires a lot of work in InDesign as well as in the exported EPUB itself prior to publication. And if you want your eBook to work on the popular Kindle device, it must also be converted to the .Mobi format. When I design a book, I design it to work best not only for print but also for EPUB and .Mobi formats.


Cover and Interior design, as well as extensive editing, on this novel. Print and eBook formats. The novel includes a few photos, mostly taken by the author from his own Viet Nam experiences.

Around & About Mount Hood: Design & Layout

Interior design of this 4.25" x 7" pocket hiking guide for print and eBook publication. Print layout featured tight typography with may illustrations and content boxes interspersed throughout they text. The cover is a redesign based on a rough cover mockup prepared by another designer. I redesigned it completely from source photos to make it production ready.

BVR's Guide to Valuing Dental Practices (Print)

Book interior design for print publication. A representative layout from one of my major clients, published Fall 2011. This PDF excerpt includes front matter and excerpts from two chapters.

BVRs Guide to Valuing Dental Practices (eBook)

Once the print layout is approved by the client, I export the EPUB from InDesign and merge in my own hand-written CSS file and make additional edits for optimal formatting and device compatibility. The excerpts included in this sample EPUB are the same in the sample PDF file. The formatting will look somewhat different because of the limitations of eBook reader devices.

Please note that in order to view this EPUB you'll need an eBook reader device or application on your computer. For your computer, I'd recommend Calibre, a free application for Mac or Windows.


Data—to—InDesign Workflows

InDesign offers various methods for importing data, including XML and DataMerge, as well as numerous third-party plugins.

Angler's Book Supply Catalog

I designed the template for their annual catalog and then worked with the company's database programmer to develop an XML export script that creates code that can be easily imported into the template, resulting in automatically formatted content for their annual catalog. The sample file included here shows a short selection of exported XML on the left, with the result of importing that XML into the InDesign template on the right.


Creating Interactive Flash & interactive PDF content from InDesign

Each new version of Indesign offers more tools for developing media rich interactive online content. The advantage of working in InDesign is that you can take content designed for print and add interactive elements to it for online use.

BVR's Business Valuation in Divorce Case Law Compendium, 2011 Edition

I designed this 474 Page 8.5 x 11 printed book that lists over 340 court case abstracts sorted alphabetically in 4 sections. I also designed a CD that accompanies the book; it contains an Interactive PDF version of the book with lookup tables, hyperlinked index, bookmarks, and hyperlinks to thousands of pages of PDF full-text court case reports. The document makes use of many advanced InDesign tools and features, including cross references for automatic page number updates, clickable buttons, index, anchored objects, and various style tricks.

Click the thumbnail to view excerpts of the interactive version of the book. Please note that most of they hyperlinks in this excerpt are intended for display purposes only and will not function properly because they refer to content only available in the full version.

Heidi's Designs Website

A simple website consisting of a Flash file designed entirely in InDesign CS5. It uses buttons and multi-state objects to provide various mouse-over effects and a slideshow with a fade transition. The site includes an alternate HTML/CSS version that loads automatically for devices that cannot use Flash.


Web Design

WordPress has become the content management system (CMS) of choice for many small business websites, and it is what I now use for most web design projects, including www.CreativeProgression.com. I get behind the UI and customize the selected theme to do exactly what the customer and I have in mind. Then the customer is able to have access to edit the content at their convenience, and involve me as needed to make more complex changes.


Janet Olson

Started with an excellent WordPress theme, then did a complete customization of all graphics using scanned samples of matte board and water color paper. Customized certain aspects of theme functionality via PHP and CSS edits. Implemented image-based shopping cart system through the use of additional plugins.

The Artwork of Kimball S. Erdman

Website featuring the artwork of my father, who passed away in June of 2012.

Val Baldwin

For the last 6 years I've been responsible for designing and maintaining Val's website and all her print collateral and other materials, including business cards, one-sheets, and several eBooks. The link here in this portfolio will take you to her website; once there you can also easily find her onesheet in PDF format.

The Classical Connection

A compact design utilizing iFrames and a JavaScripts enabling selection of media from a drop-down menu to play in an embedded media player. I'm also responsible for the logo design, all graphics, and the blog theme customization. I also created numerous banners using the logo and additional design elements for use in online publicity and print advertising.

Creative Progression

Recently switched to a responsive theme, implemetation of CSS customization. Designing all custom graphics, implementation of several extra plugins.


Educational Resources

I’ve written and designed a number of PDF handouts and tutorial files for my students over the years. I’ve selected a couple of the more design-intensive pieces below; a more complete list appears on the Free Downloads page.

Photoshop Layers Excercise

A zip file containing the finished PSD and starter source files needed to create an in-class project from my PNCA Photoshop Tools class. It covers the various types of layers, as well as layer styles/effects, masks, smart filters, and blending modes. We work through this exercise in class, but students often need more time and practice to absorb the concepts so I've made the file available here for download. It's a good example of nondestructive image editing practices.

Windows Basics

A PDF containing 3 single-page handouts I designed years ago under the title of "The Computer Tutor" when teaching basic computer skills workshops. The topics of the handouts are proper use of the mouse, how to arrange windows, and an introduction to file organization and management.