Fixing Dull Skies in Photoshop with Gradient & Color Overlays

This post began as a response to a post in the Linked In Adobe Software Users Group. Rich Harrington had posted a tutorial on fixing blown-out skies, in which he selected the sky using select by color range and then replaced the original sky with another image of sky. But what if you want to keep […]

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Acrobat 10.1.1 Bug? “The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document…” UNSOLVED

Edit 11/25/2011: After hours of troubleshooting and starting completely over from scratch with fresh PDFs from InDesign, the problem happened again, implying this is most likely a bug with Acrobat Pro 10.1.1. I was able to get one of my two files finished without any problems, but the second one gave the error when I […]

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Zipping EPUB Contents on Windows & Macs

My main point in posting today is to correct an inaccurate statement I had made several months ago concerning how one would compress an EPUB using Windows. Since I work primarily on a Mac, I had made the statement based on what I had read on other sites, but recent testing has proved those sites to […]

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Problems Accessing Site from Some Networks

In the last couple weeks I’ve experienced at least two cases of difficulties accessing the Creative Progression website from within certain large local area networks. In both cases, the CP website has been online and active, and as far as my hosting company and I have been able to tell the problems are related to […]

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Case Study: a Data-to InDesign Workflow in which Smart Catalog Lite Excels

Update 10/4/11: I’ve been in communication with Mark Haden and Ian White of 65Bit, and they’ve informed me that while the Lite version of EasyCatalog, which costs $300, does not support the Pagination Module, it does include simplified pagination options. To quote from Ian’s message to me: Instead of the spreadsheet-style view of the data […]

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Drop Caps in EPUBs

Update 10/4/2011: A reader let me know that the code excerpt on did not work for them, so I’ve tested it for myself. There is a bit more to the code than seems necessary to my somewhat inexperienced eye; when I tested it I also had difficulties with it in both Firefox and […]

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Database to InDesign

Update 9/14/2011: This will be the first installment in a series of articles covering my ongoing research on database-to-InDesign solutions. David Blatner (, has pointed out that I left out one notable plugin, DataLinker from Teacup Software, so in the near future I’ll study and test the plugin and then write a second review including all […]

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Using Saved Queries in InDesign’s Find/Change

This topic came up recently in regard to my preferred workflow for importing text from MS Word. Since it’s useful in other applications and important in its own right I’ve decided it needs its own article. InDesign’s Find/Change function is quite powerful. Not only can it find and change strings of text, but also text […]

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Of Endnotes and Footnotes

Bring up endnotes in a conversation with any long-time InDesigner, and they’re sure to cringe. Why? Because InDesign doesn’t support them. Still. After 12 years, the leading desktop publishing application in the world is still incapable of handling one of the most basic word processing functions. The developers have been too busy implementing interactive features, […]

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Edit All Export Tags

I love learning. I love InDesign. I don’t love that I feel I should have known about this important tool months ago, but I do love that one of my readers took pity on me and showed it to me! So here it is, InDesign’s Edit All Export Tags dialog, in all its glory: This […]

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