Free Downloads

Over the years I’ve created a number of informative PDF handouts and tutorial files,  some of which I’ve decided to make available here. Click the title or thumbnail to download. PDFs may open directly in your browser; to download right-click and choose “save target as.”


Database to InDesign

The original handout I prepared for my September 2011 IDUG presentation. Please note that this is the original handout, and that it does not contain updates from my ongoing research found in my corresponding Database-to-InDesign blog posts. Interested readers should search my site for the terms "InDesign Database."

Interactive InDesign

An informative two page PDF Handout written and designed for the May 2011 Portland InDesign User Group meeting. Includes information about Adobe's various tools for developing interactive content and a section concerning Adobe's new tool (codenamed "Wallaby") for converting Flash content to HTML5/CSS3. Also contains a summary of InDesign's interactive features and interactive export formats.

The handout incudes a useful table that shows which of InDesign's interactive features are supported in each export format.

InDesign CS 5/5.5 EPUB Support Matrix

A two-page PDF handout containing a table listing known issues with InDesign CS5's export to EPUB, their CS5 workarounds, and whether or not the issue has been addressed in CS5.5.

Best For Books

An informative two page PDF handout originally designed for the March 2011 Portland InDesign User Group meeting. It outlines best practices for the design of books that are intended for both print and EPUB exports. It also includes a list of useful EPUB related resources.

InDesign Top 10 Tips & Tricks

A useful 2-page handout originally developed for the January 2010 Portland InDesign User Group meeting. It not only contains a Top-10 list of my favorite InDesign features, but also 10 addtional quick tips that are sure to help you use the software more efficiently.

Photoshop Layers Excercise

A zip file containing the finished PSD and starter source files needed to create an in-class project from my PNCA Photoshop Tools class. It covers the various types of layers, as well as layer styles/effects, masks, smart filters, and blending modes. We work through this exercise in class, but students often need more time and practice to absorb the concepts so I've made the file available here for download. It's a good example of nondestructive image editing practices.

Creative Suite Fundamentals

A 15-page PDF slideshow developed for my Creative Cloud Fundamentals workshops at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. The presentation covers funtamental topics that all beginning designers must understand in order to properly use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other CC products. Topics include history, vector/raster, color modes & basic theory, separations in printing, resolution, megapixels, and more.

Windows Basics

A PDF containing 3 single-page handouts I designed years ago under the title of "The Computer Tutor" when teaching basic computer skills workshops. The topics of the handouts are proper use of the mouse, how to arrange windows, and an introduction to file organization and management.