Create Form Fields in InDesign! (written for CS5)

(UPDATE: As I was going through old posts I found this one. InDesign CS6 finally added the capability of creating form fields in InDesign, rendering this post obsolete. So if you stumble across this post looking for a way to create form fields in InDesign, the best answer, now, is to upgrade to at least CS6. In CS6 and newer, go to Window: Interactive: Buttons & Forms. Enjoy! The rest of the article below is for CS5.5 and previous.)

InDesigners have wanted to to do this for for years … and now, we can. Well, sort of. There is a new script for Acrobat Pro that will convert buttons created in InDesign and exported to PDF into form fields. More information available at InDesign Secrets:

I’ve not tested it myself yet, but it sounds like such a great tool I wanted to post a quick announcement about it.

The script was created by Marijan Tompa. Thanks to Tim Cole of 1io for posting the information about this InDesignSecrets article in a recent discussion in the LinkedIn InDesign Group.

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  1. Paul Erdman June 13, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    Just update to CS6. It was released after I originally wrote this article. CS6 added the capability to create form fields in InDesign (finally!). Now if we could just do footnotes…

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