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I love learning. I love InDesign. I don’t love that I feel I should have known about this important tool months ago, but I do love that one of my readers took pity on me and showed it to me! So here it is, InDesign’s Edit All Export Tags dialog, in all its glory:

This wonderful interface allows us to easily set export tagging for all paragraph and character styles in one place. If anybody else has done this the hard way, by opening each and every style one at a time (like me), please go exploring in your CS5.5 Paragraph or Character Style Panel Menu and find the Edit All Export Tags option, shown here:

I’ve been editing every single style and setting its export tagging options. All the time, I was wishing the developers had given us a better interface for doing this. All the time, I was ignorant of the fact that they already had! Somehow I missed this beautiful new feature when I was going through the CS5.5 new features training. In all the reading, and in all the tips and tricks I’ve seen, somehow I’d missed out on this one essential tool. So if anyone else following my blog has missed it too, now is your chance to “get it.”

And if you’re wondering, “What the heck is export tagging?” It has to do with mapping your paragraph and character styles to HTML tags and CSS classes when exporting to EPUB. It’s a new feature in CS5.5 that allows you to specify what tag and CSS class each style should use. If you don’t publish EPUBs, you don’t need to worry about it. If you’re considering getting into EPUB publication, then it’s essential that you learn about it.

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