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Zipping EPUB Contents on Windows & Macs

My main point in posting today is to correct an inaccurate statement I had made several months ago concerning how one would compress an EPUB using Windows. Since I work primarily on a Mac, I had made the statement based on what I had read on other sites, but recent testing has proved those sites to […]

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Drop Caps in EPUBs

Update 10/4/2011: A reader let me know that the code excerpt on did not work for them, so I’ve tested it for myself. There is a bit more to the code than seems necessary to my somewhat inexperienced eye; when I tested it I also had difficulties with it in both Firefox and […]

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Edit All Export Tags

I love learning. I love InDesign. I don’t love that I feel I should have known about this important tool months ago, but I do love that one of my readers took pity on me and showed it to me! So here it is, InDesign’s Edit All Export Tags dialog, in all its glory: This […]

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From InDesign to EPUBs to Mobi (Kindle)—and why Mobis are BLOATED

I recently worked on a rather large EPUB project. After downsizing the EPUB’s images with the PNGenie utility  I was able to get the EPUB’s size reduced from 18MB down to 10.5 MB.  However, what disturbed me most was that when I converted the EPUB to a Mobi file the size was still 40MB! But […]

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InDesign CS5.5 Crash during EPUB export caused by endnote reference character in imported text

Problem: Book or file crashes when exporting to EPUB. Cause: In this one very limited, strange case, the cause was endnote markers. I suspect corrupted character encoding in the source MS Word file, but this is unverified. Solution: Manually delete and retype all endnote references in affected files. I stumbled upon an extremely strange and […]

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Going All the Way With EPUBs in CS5.5 (and why that might not be a good idea)

Well, I figured I while I was taking the CS 5.5 EPUB plunge, why not go all the way? I wanted to see how nice CS5.5 could make my EPUB look if left to its own devices. I used for my test a small publication designed exclusively for Online PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. In […]

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Taking the CS5.5 EPUB Plunge (Export Tagging to the Rescue!)

Adobe has been telling us, “Come take a swim in CS5.5, the water’s nice and warm!” I’d previously stuck in my toes and done extensive research from the side of the pool, but you’re never sure until you just dive in. So this past week I’ve produced my first five EPUBs in InDesign CS5.5, and […]

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Portland IDUG meeting tonight: EPUB, XHTML, CSS

Tonight’s special InDesign User Group meeting will focus on InDesign’s export to EPUB. We will be extracting EPUB contents and learning how to edit the CSS, XHTML, and other support files in Dreamweaver. We will also be discussing how CS 5.5, announced just 3 days ago, will affect EPUB production. I will be co-presenting with […]

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Adobe Announces CS5.5: Enhanced EPUBs

Today Adobe announced the upcoming release of Creative Suite 5.5. It appears most of the updates have to do with producing media for online use across a wide range of screens and devices. Of particular interest, Adobe InDesign’s EPUB export is getting a complete overhaul, fixing many problems and offering many enhancements.

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What’s an EPUB?

The simple definition would be, “the EPUB format is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)” ( EPUBs will reflow to fit any screen size; pagination and typography are controlled to a large extent by the viewing device. An EPUB file is a ZIP file with its extension changed […]

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