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Case Study: a Data-to InDesign Workflow in which Smart Catalog Lite Excels

Update 10/4/11: I’ve been in communication with Mark Haden and Ian White of 65Bit, and they’ve informed me that while the Lite version of EasyCatalog, which costs $300, does not support the Pagination Module, it does include simplified pagination options. To quote from Ian’s message to me: Instead of the spreadsheet-style view of the data […]

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Database to InDesign

Update 9/14/2011: This will be the first installment in a series of articles covering my ongoing research on database-to-InDesign solutions. David Blatner (, has pointed out that I left out one notable plugin, DataLinker from Teacup Software, so in the near future I’ll study and test the plugin and then write a second review including all […]

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XML vs. XHTML in InDesign?

I just wrote a response to a question on LinkedIn concerning XML and XHTML in InDesign. The main point of the question was, “Are you inclined to rant against or cheerfully accept HTML with styles in place of XML?” Adobe has really been adding to InDesign’s XTML features and hasn’t done much to improve XML […]

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