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Alternating Table Row Fills—Clearing Table & Cell Style Overrides

I love table and cell styles, but I’ve run into some strange issues with them over the years. After encountering it again today I decided to figure out exactly what is going on, because I couldn’t find any other write-ups on the issue on the net. Hopefully others find it helpful. Problem: You have a table […]

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InDesign CS6 Offers Single Page Interactive PDF Export

When Adobe first split InDesign’s PDF export into 2 branches, Print and Interactive, they made the blunder of forcing all facing page documents into spreads when exported via the Interactive option. I wrote an article about this issue previously. This has thankfully been addressed in CS6; we can now export interactive PDFs from facing page […]

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Update to the CS5.5 Book Page Numbering Bug (Still no fix, but additional workarounds posted)

This post is a follow-up to my original article concerning the infamous Book Page Numbering Bug. It was recently brought to my attention that, while I had attempted to keep my post from 6 months ago up to date with updates and responses to many comments, it was becoming rather dated. So today I once again […]

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Drop Caps in EPUBs

Update 10/4/2011: A reader let me know that the code excerpt on did not work for them, so I’ve tested it for myself. There is a bit more to the code than seems necessary to my somewhat inexperienced eye; when I tested it I also had difficulties with it in both Firefox and […]

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Of Endnotes and Footnotes

Bring up endnotes in a conversation with any long-time InDesigner, and they’re sure to cringe. Why? Because InDesign doesn’t support them. Still. After 12 years, the leading desktop publishing application in the world is still incapable of handling one of the most basic word processing functions. The developers have been too busy implementing interactive features, […]

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InDesign CS5.5 Buttons to Open other PDFs with Relative Path in New Windows—FAIL

Every year I produce a number of projects that consist of a CD containing a PDF with hundreds of buttons linking to other PDFs. Every year it’s a real headache, because InDesign doesn’t work as well as it’s supposed to. Now I’m testing these projects in CS5.5 for the first time, and I’m happy to report that […]

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InDesign CS5.5 Crash during EPUB export caused by endnote reference character in imported text

Problem: Book or file crashes when exporting to EPUB. Cause: In this one very limited, strange case, the cause was endnote markers. I suspect corrupted character encoding in the source MS Word file, but this is unverified. Solution: Manually delete and retype all endnote references in affected files. I stumbled upon an extremely strange and […]

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InDesign CS5.5 Book PDF Export Problem: Incorrect Page Numbers (CONFIRMED BUG)

**UPDATE: This bug was fixed in ID CS5.5, ver. 7.5.3. You can fix it by updating CS5.5 with the latest updates, or by upgrading to CS6.** Edit 11/12/11: Recently it came to my attention that the way I had reorganized the post wasn’t helpful to some readers so I’m rearranging it again. I first discovered […]

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InDesign CS5 PDF Export Woes: PDF(Interactive) vs Facing Pages

**EDIT: CS6 To the rescue! The CS6 Interactive PDF Export offers a Pages or Spreads selection option. Hallelujah!** I have a 500 page InDesign file that I made in CS4 that is intended to be both printed and used in Acrobat with interactive features, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, and buttons. In CS4 I was able to […]

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