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InDesign Basic Template Example: 1.5″ Square Adhesive Labels

I recently redesigned a template for 1.5″ adhesive labels. This is a rather common task, but it occurred to me it would be a good teaching opportunity. I’ve included my sample templates for download. Feel free to try them out. Step 1: evaluating the original template I started by downloading the InDesign template from the […]

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Creative Commons Search: find free images and other resources

I often tell students in my classes about this useful tool for finding images and other resources to use in projects. Basically, this is a good way to search for content and be relatively sure that it is free of copyright restrictions, and therefore safe to use. The search tool is available at It allows […]

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InDesign CS6 Offers Single Page Interactive PDF Export

When Adobe first split InDesign’s PDF export into 2 branches, Print and Interactive, they made the blunder of forcing all facing page documents into spreads when exported via the Interactive option. I wrote an article about this issue previously. This has thankfully been addressed in CS6; we can now export interactive PDFs from facing page […]

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*Undocumented* Photoshop Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts & Tools

Photoshop has some very handy keyboard shortcuts & mouse tricks that, while technically *not* undocumented, they’re not as obvious as most. You can certainly find them listed in many write-ups and lists in books and all over the Net. By “undocumented,” I’m referring to how these particular keyboard shortcuts don’t identify themselves within the Photoshop […]

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InDesign to MS Word

**Update 1/14/2013: I’ve been informed by a representative from the plugin development company Markzware that their product PageZephyr Allows people to extract text not only from InDesign files, but also Publisher and Quark—even if you do not have these software programs installed on your computer, or have the wrong versions. I downloaded and tested the free […]

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Optimal Method for Placing MS Word Text Into InDesign

In my work I often combine MS Word files from dozens of different authors into a single book, and all of these Word files use vastly different styles. While it is possible to import styles from Word to InDesign, I’ve found that in an environment with potentially hundreds of authors there is no hope to […]

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Numeric Keypad for New MacBooks

As promised at the last IDUG, I’m writing a post about the nifty utility to turn on the numeric keypad on new MacBooks so that we can use keyboard shortcuts for styles in InDesign! When I got my new MacBook Pro last year I was really worried about its lack of a numeric keypad. My […]

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Splitting Text Threads: Separating Stories (with and without script)

Question: Can InDesign split a story threaded through text frames in two while leaving the text in the current frames? Short Answer: There is a script that can do this, and there is a simple process to do it manually as well. Introduction In most ways, InDesign excels at managing text flow. it is easy […]

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Page Numbering Tricks

InDesign’s automatic page numbers work well enough, but what about special cases? Some documents require pages to be omitted from total page counts. Other documents use several different systems. Sometimes section numbers or special codes must be included. Well, don’t start typing in those numbers manually, because InDesign can handle it—and quite gracefully, too. Every Page […]

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Converting colors in PDFs

Hypothetical yet common scenario: you’ve received a PDF from a client that contains graphics to be placed into your InDesign layout. Unfortunately the graphics are in a colorspace not allowed by your job specs. What do you do? Often, if the PDF was exported from Word or some other MS Office application, it will include […]

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