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Converting colors in PDFs

Hypothetical yet common scenario: you’ve received a PDF from a client that contains graphics to be placed into your InDesign layout. Unfortunately the graphics are in a colorspace not allowed by your job specs. What do you do? Often, if the PDF was exported from Word or some other MS Office application, it will include […]

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InDesign Styles 101

InDesign’s styles are global formatting presets. InDesign offers powerful styles for text, tables, objects, and several other design elements in your document, but we fill focus only on text styles for the time being. A paragraph style can save and apply complex text formatting to an entire paragraph with just a few clicks. Character styles […]

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Getting the Most from InDesign’s Realtime Preflight

I often get calls and emails from people wondering, “Why is InDesign telling me I have errors?” When asked for more information, they explain that they see a “red light” at the bottom of their document window, followed by how many of these errors they have. They’re a bit mystified as to what it means […]

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Charts & Graphics from MS Office to InDesign

I am often asked, “What is the best way to import charts and graphs from Excel or other MS Office products into InDesign?” The short answer is PDF. However, there is a bit more to it than that. This article offers some tips and tricks for getting the graphic just right for print production. Vector […]

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Removing Signatures from PDFs in Acrobat Pro 9

***EDIT 1/2/2013*** This article describes the process of exporting your PDF as a PostScript file and redistilling it to remove digital signatures. What I failed to make explicit in the original article is that this procedure WILL REMOVE ALL INTERACTIVE FEATURES, including form fields, buttons, hyperlinks, etc., as they are not supported in PostScript. In […]

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Photoshop Layers Exercise

I’ve been teaching introductory Photoshop classes for quite a few years now. I really enjoy seeing the mental lightbulbs start flashing for my students as difficult concepts like non-destructive image editing, alpha channels, layer masks, and smart filters all start to come together and make sense. All this information can be quite daunting for new […]

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The “FIXIT” Swatch

When designing books I often come across items that need to be addressed by the author or that I will need to come back to and fix later. I mark these with a special color swatch, usually bright red, that I’ve named “FIXIT.” I’ve also made a character style with the same name that will […]

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Best for Books in InDesign

Information in this post is relevant to CS 5; some of the issues mentioned in this post have been fixed in CS 5.5 and are listed in a PDF available here. In recent years the increasing popularity of eBook devices has caused quite a stir in the publishing industry. While the PDF format perfectly preserves the […]

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