What Font IS That? Find Out With WhatTheFont.com

Have you ever been given a graphic with an outlined or rasterized font, or perhaps a hard copy of a document, and been asked to match the font? WhatTheFont.com is a great free service that lets you upload a JPG sample of a font image. It then analyzes the shapes of the characters in your […]

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InDesign’s Dysfunctional Defaults

Edit 4/11/2013: I’m surprised I didn’t mention the content grabber in this post when I originally wrote it two years ago. In my classes and consulting I usually have my students disable it, as it is a nuisance. Many users will accidentally move images out of their frames when simply trying to move the entire […]

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InDesign Basic Template Example: 1.5″ Square Adhesive Labels

I recently redesigned a template for 1.5″ adhesive labels. This is a rather common task, but it occurred to me it would be a good teaching opportunity. I’ve included my sample templates for download. Feel free to try them out. Step 1: evaluating the original template I started by downloading the InDesign template from the […]

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Resolving InDesign’s Justification Problems

I was inspired to write this article after seeing yet another (otherwise very professional looking) brochure that must have been printed using InDesign’s default justification settings. Although I mention this issue in my article on Indesign’s problematic defaults, it’s a serious enough issue that I’ve decided to write specifically on the topic. Here is a […]

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Possible Causes of Slow InDesign Performance—And How to Resolve Them

I recently participated in a discussion on the Linked-In InDesign Group concerning slow InDesign performance. I wrote a response there based on my own experiences, and then I learned a few things from other writers as well; one tip in particular I wish to share here. I’m rewriting my post from the group here, and […]

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InDesign to MS Word

**Update 1/14/2013: I’ve been informed by a representative from the plugin development company Markzware that their product PageZephyr Allows people to extract text not only from InDesign files, but also Publisher and Quark—even if you do not have these software programs installed on your computer, or have the wrong versions. I downloaded and tested the free […]

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Photoshop Save for Web: JPG, GIF, or PNG?

Toward the end of my Photoshop classes we cover saving images for web, and I tell a not-so-amusing anecdote of how someone lost a design gig because they did not know the proper uses of JPGs vs. GIFs and PNGs. In that particular case, the client needed a very small file size web graphic that […]

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Update to the CS5.5 Book Page Numbering Bug (Still no fix, but additional workarounds posted)

This post is a follow-up to my original article concerning the infamous Book Page Numbering Bug. It was recently brought to my attention that, while I had attempted to keep my post from 6 months ago up to date with updates and responses to many comments, it was becoming rather dated. So today I once again […]

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New Site Navigation, Search, Subscription

I’m happy to announce several improvements to the site today, including improved navigation, search, and subscription widgets! Category-based navigation: I’ve removed the old tag cloud widget and created a new category structure for all articles. The new category navigation widget shows only the important article categories and omits categories like “Administrative” (which would include posts […]

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Fixing Dull Skies in Photoshop with Gradient & Color Overlays

This post began as a response to a post in the Linked In Adobe Software Users Group. Rich Harrington had posted a tutorial on fixing blown-out skies, in which he selected the sky using select by color range and then replaced the original sky with another image of sky. But what if you want to keep […]

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