Music of Paul Erdman

Improvisational & Live Music

Spontaneous multi-track recording (8/28/13)
featuring Kpanlogo drum and Low/High flutes played by Paul Erdman


Unrehearsed Improv (3/12/12)

Andrew Evans: Didjeridoo, Josh Smalley: Djembe,
Paul Erdman: High-E Flute


Improv with Orion (7/26/13)

Orion Buhler: Piano, Paul Erdman: A Flute


Light at the End of the Improv (8/2/13)

Orion Buhler: Piano, Paul Erdman: A Flute


Improv (6/27/12)

Andrew Evans: Didjeridoo, Josh Smalley: Cello, Paul Erdman: A Flute


Holly & Ivy Jam (12/2012)

Andrew Evans: Didjeridoo, Paul Erdman: Low-E Flute


All Good Improvs Come to an End (8/2/13)

Orion Buhler: Piano, Paul Erdman: A Flute

Video of Improv in the Park

Andrew, Josh, & Paul (6/6/12)

My Musical Background: I was raised in a musical family. The clarinet was my instrument of choice through high school. I minored in music in college, focusing on music composition and theory.  Since then I've begun collecting woodwind and percussion instruments from around the world.


Shepherd's Story: An Adaptation of a Polish Carol for Piano and Native American Flutes (Low-E, A, High-E)

Sheet Music PDF   |   Low-quality recording from rehearsal


Lead Kindly Light, for Piano & Native American Flutes (G, A, E)

Sheet Music PDF   |   Low-quality recording from rehearsal





Composition Slide Shows

I made slide shows for two compositions and one hymn arrangement that I wrote during my college years. All music is MIDI through a Roland Sound Canvas (so at least it sounds decent).

For several years I hosted this Internet radios show exploring the connections between my two favorite genres of music. You can still listen to all the episodes here:


I also make infrequent posts to the blog here: